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Amiah | Class of 2021

When my cousin Karan reached out to me to photograph her granddaughter, I was elated! I had seen photos of Amiah on Facebook but couldn’t remember if I had actually ever met her in person. It’s possible I did when she was a child but my memory certainly wasn’t serving me correctly if I had. After just moments of meeting up with them, for Karen and I it was like time never passed. We picked up exactly where we left off. I mean lets face it, our mothers were sisters and best friends so we grew up together. What I thought was interesting was how quickly I felt a connection to Amiah. It was like I had known her forever. There was something familiar about her and she instantly felt like family.

It’s like when you have children and you see so many of your loved ones in them. One moment I see my husband in my son and the next moment I see my father. With Amiah, I saw her mother (Jessica), her grandmother (my cousin Karan), her great grandmother (my aunt Mary) and even from time to time, I saw my own mother (Linda).  It was a beautiful experience and I left the session feeling warm and grateful inside. Grateful for the opportunity to photograph such a lovely sweet girl and grateful for connecting with my family, my roots.

Thank you Karan for trusting me to document Amiah at this time in her life. And thank you Amiah for being such a beautiful ray of sunshine. Your kindness and generous heart will take you places beyond where you can even imagine. I wish you all the best in your beautiful future ahead! XO

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