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I’ve been photographing the Metro family for about ten years. I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to document a family year after year. Every year I see a new version of their children through my lens. I used to have to crouch down to photograph Noah and now I find myself standing on my tip toes. Just a few more years and I’ll be doing the same with Theo and Ivy.

What I love the most about photographing the Metro’s is they truly are present and revel in every moment during their session. It’s not uncommon for Heidi to cry as she’s posing individually with the kids. I always catch Mike goofing around with the boys and having sweet snuggle time with little Ivy. Their sweet dogs Maxwell and Apollo always make a cameo if even for a short time because they too are family. The kids usually have some ideas of their own and this year they requested to be photographed at one of their favorite places to play. It’s a large concrete structure they like to climb on in the middle of the woods. I love that they’ll always be able to look back at those images and say, “Remember when we always used to play on that?” In addition, they always include a “hands” photo. A few years ago it was their hands stacked while making a fist, last year was them holding their face masks and this year they chose to hold beautiful fall leaves.

Thank you Heidi and Mike for continuously choosing me to photograph your family. I love more than anything in the whole world to be considered not only your friend, but also your personal family photographer. I am one lucky girl!

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