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I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Moe family for many years. Any photographer knows when there are children involved in sessions, one must be quick because they’ll only give you so much for so long. You have to be willing to bend for them and patience is key. We were at the point of the session where I needed to get individual shots of the kids but unfortunately they were no longer interested in that idea. This is when you have to get their minds focused on something else. What is that you ask? By asking them one simple question. “What are you going to be for Halloween this year?” It was magical watching each one of their little their faces lite up as they explained their costumes to me. The best part is they kind of forget they’re being photographed, allowing me to capture their essence which is pure gold.

Toward the end of the session when the kids were tapped out, I was able to photograph Eric and Stephanie together. Among all of the craziness that raising children brings, it’s so important to step away from time to time and focus on each other. This season of life brings many days of chaos but we have to remember it doesn’t last forever. After all, time is fleeting and always moving forward. Eric and Stephanie I’m so thankful you’ll always have these images to remind you how sweet life was and will continue to be.

Family Portrait in the woods during fallyoung girl smilingyoung boy portrait in fall

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