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Taylor, Dane, Morris, Finn & Arlo | Hudson Portrait Photographer

Taylor and Dane were gifted a photo shoot from Taylor’s sister, Torie. I was thrilled to hear that Taylor and Dane wanted to be photographed with their hairy children AKA, their pets. I was expecting a challenge with their two cats, Morris and Finn but to my surprise they were absolutely wonderful! Their dog Arlo was also a total sweetheart and would do just about anything we asked as long as Taylor rewarded him with pieces of delicious chicken. It’s amazing how successful one can be when there’s bribery involved (hahaha!). We wrapped up the session with some beautiful images of just Taylor and Dane together. We walked their property and took advantage of their gorgeous driveway flanked with tall pines.

The major take away for me after their session was that I too need to make time to photograph my family with our pets. They’re such a huge part of our lives and should be honored for giving us the best gift one can be given. The gift of  unconditional love.

Young couple with family pets

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